Uraz Kaygilaroglu does not miss the "Daughter of the Ambassador"

Uraz Kaygilaroglu plays the role of Gediz in the series “Ambassador's Daughter”. The actor talks  a lot about himself on social networks with his interesting game. Filming of the series was stopped on March 25 due to the epidemic of coronavirus.
Uraz Kaygilaroglu, having left Bodrum to relax at home in Istanbul, is very pleased with this period. The actor, who said that for a very long time he had been working in heavy duty, said that quarantine was good for him.
The actor, who played in the films “Black Comedy: Between 2” and “The War of the Sisters-in-Law”, began acting in the series “ Aynen Aynen” in the summer of 2019. When in the new season of shooting “Ambassador's Daughter” began to take longer, the actor left the project “ Aynen Aynen.” Therefore, Uraz Kaygilaroglu, who survived a difficult working period, is pleased that he remains at home in quarantine.
The actor, who assessed the quarantine period on the YouTube program in which he took part, said, “It’s even a little to my advantage. For a while I had a difficult working period. Now I have time for myself. ” The actor, who reported that he likes to work, said that he had not reached the point where he missed work.
The actor claims that unnecessary things in the house became a problem for him, said that he saw the shortcomings of the house.
Kaygilaroglu also said that he does not feel the need for psychological support during the quarantine period. The actor said that those who are now forced to work are in a more difficult situation, and considers themselves lucky, because they can wait this period at home.

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