The new series of Cagatay Ulusoy received a great response

A new series with Cagatay Ulusoy will begin on TRT1. Preparations are continuing for the series Barbarossa, which will be one of the series with a large budget. The series, which will tell about the first sea captain of the Ottoman Empire, Barbarossa Hayreddin Pasa, is waiting impatiently. Cagatay Ulusoy will play the role of the elder brother of Barbaross Haryeddin Pasa, Captain Oruc. And soon it will become known who will play the role of Barbaross himself in the series.

The series, the script of which was written by Cunate Aisan, Ozan Aksungur and Oguz Ayaz, received a great response on social networks. Fans of Cagatay Ulusoy can’t wait to see the famous actor in the historical project after the series “The protector”. Particularly great curiosity is what the sea scenes and battle scenes in the series will be like. The fact that the work has a high budget also means that the shooting of the series attach great importance. The producers plan that the series will stretch for 2 or 3 seasons.
Users are actively discussing the new project in social networks, in addition, the number of those who are interested in the life of Barbaross Hayreddin Pasha and those who are looking for information about him on the Internet has increased. They are also interested in the life of Captain Oruc, the hero of Cagatay Ulusoy. Especially foreign fan group Cagatay Ulusoy publish comments in which they make it clear that they are very curious about his new project.
The new Turkish series “Barbarossa” even after the first announcement caused a big surge of interest in social networks.

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