Sefirin Kızı and Bir Zamanlar Çukurova series will also be broadcast in Spain

Inter Medya announced that the series `` The  Ambassador's Daughter '' and Bitter Lands '' will also be broadcast in Spain.

Beatriz Cea Okan, the name of the company responsible for the purchase and sale of content, after the agreement, "Sefirin Kizi who won the Turkish audience and Bir Zamanlar Çukurova was likewise liked in other countries. Turkish series are attracting great attention worldwide especially in Spain. We do not expect this trend to decrease in Spain soon. We are excited to have made these deals for great love stories involving successful actors. "

` The  Ambassador's Daughter '', prepared by NGMedia and O3 Medya, is displayed on Star TV. The series, which continues its broadcast  successfully, has stopped its season after the 15th episode. Bitter Lands ''  , which TIMS & B undertook, was displayed its 63th episode on ATV as season final. ..

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