Ruthless City (Zalim Istanbul)  returns to the screens

Filming of the Turkish series Ruthless City (Zalim Istanbul) was suspended after the 36th series due to the danger of the spread of CJVID-19. However, Turkey is slowly quitting quarantine and the world is back to square one. Avşar Film decided to continue shooting the series from where it left off.
At the end of May, the film crew will begin work on episode 37, and if everything goes according to plan, they will shoot another 3 episodes, well, judging by the results of the ratings of the new episodes, they decide to complete the series or continue in the fall in the new season.

On the other hand, word of mouth spread rumors that Fikret Kuskan (Agah) did not want to return to the TV series “Ruthless City (Zalim Istanbul)”, fearing now to catch the coronavirus on the set, he is considering new projects that will begin only in the fall. But the producer of the series Shukru Avsar denied this information, saying that the actors have concluded contracts and it is necessary to comply with the contract.

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