Neslihan Atagul publishes online magazine

Neslikhan Atagül Dogulu, with her online magazine called Unlimited, which she will start publishing on Instagram, will shed light on the stories of those who do not recognize borders.
The successful actress Neslihan Atagul Dogulu in her project, in which she will meet with her subscribers, will soon be preparing to share interesting topics, attractive reports and "limitless" guests.
Her project is called Hadsiz. The people mostly use this word in the sense of disrespectful, ill-mannered, arrogant, but Neslihan used the phrase from the words "had / border" and "siz / without" - it turns out "Limitless / Hadsiz".
It will begin on June 1, on Monday, in the actress’s Instagram account. The online magazine, the name of the first guest, which is currently a surprise, will share inspiring stories every month and invite very different guests.
The magazine is being prepared specifically for Instagram, it will have a chic design and contain impressive photos from the lens of Neslihan herself.
- I have been overwhelmed with feelings for a long time, as if I did not fit in myself, in clothes, in the room where you are sitting; to the house, to the street on which you live; the city, the country, the world in which you came, says Neslihan.
And noting how many borders surround us, she decided to take the first steps to this project, “Boundless”.

Neslihan Atagul publishes online magazine

“The source of my motivation is hidden in my dream of breaking borders!”

The actress states that in order to call something unlimited, you must first think about whether there are borders themselves and understand the meaning of the word "borders", and only then make a decision. She emphasized that we were all raised in a certain framework, and she sees the reasons for this in living conditions, culture, geography, and family. Neslihan says that in this project the most important source of motivation is hidden in the dream of overcoming boundaries, believes that in work she always loves to be interested in more than what is given within boundaries, because the goal of overcoming borders is directly related to the lack of boundaries for the human person .
"Unlimited" will meet with everyone who wants to get inspiration on Neslihan Atagul's Instagram account on Monday, June 1.

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