Kenan Imirzalıoglu expects her first child
The leading actor in Ezel, who has just released his new series Alef in Turkey, announces that his wife, Sinem Kobal, is four months pregnant.

Kenan Imirzalioglu and Sinem Kobal
In the midst of quarantine by COVID-19, good news is also being produced. This is the case of the one announced by the protagonist of Ezel, Kenan Imirzalıoglu: his next paternity. The Turkish actor reported that his wife, Sinem Kobal, whom he married four years ago, is four months pregnant. Also, they already know the sex of the baby: it will be a girl.

Imirzalioglu, who has just released his latest series in Turkey, Alef, was first seen after the good news was announced in Emirgan, an area of ​​Istanbul. "We are very excited about the idea of ​​having our baby on our lap. May Allah grant that she arrives healthy," the actor said, very happy, to the Turkish reporters who asked him.

A stable couple married four years ago
Kenan and Sinem, also an actress and 13 years his junior, married in May 2016 and since then have formed one of the most stable couples in the Turkish art world. In fact, almost all of their personal outings are done together, which is why they are often seen at social events, vacations, etc. without separating from each other and always very loving. Therefore, the announcement of his paternity was something that many admirers had long expected.

Kenan Imirzalioglu and Sinem Kobal Wedding
The 45-year-old actor is at his best professional and personal moment. He has an ascending career consisting of seven soap operas and seven other films. On television, he has starred since 2005, mostly long-term projects. Since the last series he worked on, Mehmed: Bir Cihan Fatihi, in 2018, he had not accepted a television project again until Alef arrived.

On the other hand, last year he also faced the new challenge of presenting a program, the popular Who Wants to Be a Millionaire contest. Imirzalioglu has so far won two Golden Butterfly Awards, one for her starring role in Ezel and one for that of the popular Karadayı series. He was also nominated at the Seoul International Drama Awards for his Ezel Bayraktar character.

Sinem also has an extensive resume as an actress, with five films and eleven series. The last one, Yüz Yüze, with Taner Ölmez (Mert, in Medcezir), he shot in 2017. Currently he is more dedicated to advertising.

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