Karan Özçivit recognizes his father on television
The son of Burak Ökçivit and Fahriye Evcen, who turned one year old on March 13, is surprised to see his father on television, in the series Kurulus Osman.

Despite being quarantined, life goes on for Turkish actors, who remain confined to their homes. Some, like Burak Özçivit, are fortunate to still see their works projected on television, although at the moment they cannot continue recording more chapters. And these days of stay at home, are also giving the possibility of discovering moments that surely in other circumstances there would be no time to perceive. This is what has happened with the son of the Turkish actor, who has been able to capture the image of his little Karan, who turned one year old on March 13, 'dumbfounded' watching his own father on television.

The historical series Kurulus Osman that stars in the remembered Kemal of Eternal Love, is broadcast every Wednesday at 8:00 p.m. on the Turkish chain ATV, where it is reaping great success. Last week, just as Burak appeared as Sultan Osman I, founder of the Ottoman Empire, his son Karan stood in front of the television and pointed to the screen as he recognized his father. The moment was so emotional that Özçivit did not hesitate to share it on his Instagram, accompanying the image with the phrase: 'My dear soul'.

Very active on social networks
Just a few days ago his popular parents, Burak and Fahriye, published some photographs on the occasion of his first birthday, which he had to celebrate locked up at home by the coronavirus. In them you could see the proud mother with her baby in her arms on her back on the terrace of her house. Evcen also uploaded to his social networks an image of the child's arm surrounded by balloons on the occasion of Children's Day. The couple does not stop sharing moments of their son, but always on their backs and without showing his face, except for the first photo they published to present Karan to their audience.

Fahriye, who is very active on Instagram, has also taken advantage of these days to announce that she is starting a new advertising collaboration with the L'Oreal Paris brand, after spending several months dedicated exclusively to her son. As she writes with the photograph herself, it is the sixth year that she works as an image for them.

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