Hande Erçel paints for an association to fight cancer
Hande Erçel is a great fan of painting, but now she takes advantage of her quarantine to dedicate her ability to a supportive cause, children with cancer.

Although on some occasion she had confessed how much she likes to paint - "my greatest passion is to draw in pencil and I also paint in oils", she said in an interview- and occasionally she shared her paintings with her followers on social networks, Hande Erçel  has transformed that hobby into something solidary during these days of quarantine. Take the opportunity to paint more than ever and does so for the Association of Cancer Free Life and for its project dedicated to children with this disease.

The actress who stars in Hayat,Love Doesn't Understand Words alongside Burak Deniz has been working voluntarily at the association since last year. Now she has decided to invest her efforts in a beautiful cause and will participate in the project of the Association of Cancer Free Life with her brush paints. As she herself says in her Instagram account with an image in which she is seen with all the canvases scattered on the floor: "We are at home, so we can occupy all the space we want."

Signed projects

The beautiful Turkish actress thus spends her days of confinement at home, while she awaits the return to normality and can resume her projects. In fact, their agreement to join the main cast of two new series, Sen Cal Kapımı (You play on goal), was announced in full quarantine, along with Kerem Bürsin (ex-boyfriend of Serenay Sarikaya and who is now related to Demet Özdemir) and Yarım Kalan Aşklar Dairesi (Circle of Unfinished Love), with Ali Atay (husband of Hazal Kaya).

The first, from the production company MF Yapim and written by the same writer of Early Bird, Ayşe Üner Kutlu, was scheduled to be a summer novel to air on Fox. The recordings should have started in April, so it may not be able to reach be seen on television on the dates set. The second one was even more up in the air when the coronavirus struck, so possibly more data on it will begin when the quarantine passes. At the moment it is known that it was going to be for BluTV.

Erçel is also waiting for the premiere of her latest film, the Iranian Mest i ask , where Ibrahim Çelikkol and Bensu Soral (Içerde) perform. The last series she starred in, Azize, along with Bugra Gülsoy, had to be canceled in January due to lack of audience.

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