Ebru Sahin celebrates her birthday in solidarity
The beautiful Hercai protatonist asks on her Instagram that instead of gifts, donations be made to the Association against cancer.

Ebru Sahin birthday
The beautiful Reyyan protagonist of Hercai has allowed her most supportive side to emerge in these moments of confinement for the Covid-19. On the occasion of her 26th birthday, yesterday, May 18, the Turkish actress launched a message through her Instagram account with a photo and a headline that said "Ebru Sahin donates her birthday to the association 'Life without cancer'".

Next, she asked all her fans and friends to offer their donations to the fight against cancer, instead of thinking of a gift or celebration for her on that special day:

"My dear friends and fans. I do not expect any gifts or celebrations from you on my birthday on May 18. I want kindness from all of you in this process in which we are all at home. If you make donations, large or small, They will make me very happy. Let's remember and support our cancer patients who have difficulties in treatment and opportunities in this difficult process. Thank you all and love. "

Ebru Sahin, successful career
 In addition to the great international success she is achieving with Hercai, Ebru presented her new film, Suursuz Ask (Unconscious Love), in December, about a tortured young woman, Menekse, who knows love in a psychiatric center. Later, while engaging in advertising campaigns, it was also announced that Hercai will have a third season.

The quarantine due to the coronavirus has paralyzed all the filming, but now that Turkey is gradually emerging from the crisis, the filming of this love story with revenge is possibly one of the first to be resumed, since the premiere of the episodes of its third season for the month of September.

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