Can Yaman and Özge Gürel begin filming their new series
Bay Yanlin (Mr. Wrong) reunites the couple who starred in Dolunay. After the Covid-19 quarantine, they begin recording on May 28 and the series will premiere in the summer.

After the Covid-19 quarantine, Turkish actors and actresses are gradually returning to normal. There are already several series that have announced the beginning of their recordings and others will resume filming where it was interrupted these days. For the triumphant and admired Can Yaman, it will be his return to television, after his success with Early Bird, his tour of Europe at the end of last year and his fulfillment of military service earlier this year. Although it was learned in March that he was returning to soap operas with Bay Yanlin (Mr. Incorrect) along with his partner in Dolunay, Özge Gürel, so far they have not been able to start the project.

Trials and start of filming
Last week, the two actors went to the studios to carry out the promotional photoshoots, as well as the script readings and costume tests. Filming begins this coming Thursday, May 28, and everything is ready. Last Friday, when Can arrived at the production company for the trials, dressed in the coronavirus protective mask, he was very happy with the project and responded cheerfully to the Turkish reporters: "We have already acted together before, we understand each other well and I am very happy to act with her. "

Produced by Gold Film, it has the same team as Erkenci Kus (Early Bird), among others the screenwriter, Aslı Zengin, and the music composer, Cem Öget. The story, a romantic and colorful comedy with fun love fights, revolves around Özgür (Can Yaman), a charismatic and free-spirited man who does not believe in love and who runs a restaurant, and Ezgi (Özge Gürel), a beautiful young woman who has never fallen in love. Özgur helps Ezgi conquer a man to marry him, but he himself begins to fall in love with her without realizing it.

During these months of confinement, Can Yaman has shared tender moments in his privacy, for example learning to dance tango with his mother. In addition, he has taken the opportunity to perfect his Spanish and play the drums.

For her part, Özge Gürel is waiting to record a new film, Kar Kirmizi (Red Snow), which was announced in early March.

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