Burak Deniz fined for drunk driving and causing an accident
The protagonist of Hayat, Love Without Words, who will return to work with Hande Erçel, rammed a motorcyclist from behind and, after undergoing alcohol tests, tested positive.

Burak Deniz traffic accident
Hayat's alluring protagonist, Love Without Words has upset his fans these days. Considered one of the most admired Turkish actors, Burak Deniz has surprised with unexemplary behavior: driving under the influence of alcohol. But, in addition, in that state he hit a motorcyclist, who fell to the ground. The consequence of such an act was a fine of 1,228 lire and a six-month suspension of the driving license.

Deniz was driving on a coastal road in Arnavutköy, an area of ​​Istanbul, as reported by some Turkish media, with his new vehicle. The moment of the collision, when the actor's car collided with the motorcycle that was driving in front of him, was recorded by a security camera. It can also be seen in the images that Burak immediately leaves his car and comes to the rescue of the biker.

This incident will not leave a good image of the actor, who is currently one of the most loved by the public. His fans trust him to be punctual and this does not affect his successful career. Deniz has eight series and a film and has gained popularity thanks, first to a small role, Aras, in Medcezir in 2015, and a year later, as the protagonist of Hayat, love without words, where he is paired with Hande Erçel.

Precisely with her he will return to work, as has been known these days. They will be the protagonists of the new series Yarım Kalan Aşklar Dairesi (Circle of unfinished love), which we already talked about in our pages, and where Ali Atay (husband of Hazal Kaya) also works.

Although it was initially announced that Hande and Ali would be the protagonist couple, now the Turkish media affirm that it is official that the beautiful actress will be a partner with Burak. Thus, the attractive interpreters will coincide again after four years. The series, which will consist of 8 episodes, is produced by Tims & B for BluTV and will be directed by Umur Turagay.

After succeeding in Hayat, Burak Deniz was chosen as a Hazal Kaya couple in 2017 to star in Bizim Hikaye (Family Love), which had two seasons and ended last year, after two years of broadcast. At the beginning of 2020, the actor was going to start filming a new series, Kral (Rey), but it was delayed and due to the quarantine by COVID-19, the project has been temporarily interrupted.

At 29 years old, this actor, who is already one of the most acclaimed in the Turkish television world, recognized us in an interview that despite his popularity he has chosen "to have a simple life, together with old friends and with nature as a pillar". He also confessed to us that he would like to play an "iconic character, from the artistic world or someone who defends rights, such as Bob Dylan or Nelson Mandela". Admired by many followers, Burak does not have time for brides now: "I live alone, accompanied by my pets. Today my only love is work."

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