Beren Saat: I agree with Neslihan Atagul and I will not have children like her!

Turkish actress Beren Saat supported the opinion of her colleague Neslihan Atagul about delaying childbearing because of the harsh conditions the world is going through, as described yesterday.

“I heard what she said and I agree with it,” she said. “I, too, agreed with my husband, Kenan Dogulu, to postpone the idea of ​​procreation until the world we live in becomes better.”

“I understood what I meant, and I also love children so much that I cannot do without them,” she added.

"The circumstances we live in every day make us think about the destinies of children we want to have," added the heroine of "Forbidden Love."

Beren asked followers to pray for humanity to overcome all the difficulties that it has faced for many years, and it completed: “Prayer to God to save us from all these disasters that we do not deserve.

The Turkish star had said that she was not physically close to her husband, after the Coruna virus began spreading in Turkey.

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