Baris Arduc's Instagram account, which is one of those celebrities who rarely make publications, has crossed the mark of 6 million subscribers. The famous actor has many fans outside of Turkey. A particularly big contribution to the fame of Baris Arduc was the sale of the series “Love for Rent” abroad.

 Baris Arduc, who gained popularity after the role of Omer in the series “Love for Rent,” in the series “Raven” lost the ratings, despite the excellent game shown to him. The series lasted 21 episodes and said goodbye to the audience.
The actor, who again returned to the screens in 2020 along with the series “Pit”, again failed - this time in the form of a coronavirus pandemic due to which filming was suspended. Because of this, the actor in the new role will no longer appear before the audience this season. In September, “Pit” will again be on screen for its 4th season. Baris Arduc will again have the opportunity to show himself to the audience in the role of Arik Boke Erdenet.

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