Alina Boz: Love gives us peace

To dream is how to plunge into an endless adventure ... The more a person dreams, the more success he can achieve in life, and the more a person believes in himself, the more original he will be able to survive in this world! Although all these feelings actually come from very simple teachings that we all possess inside, they are not so easy to put into practice, and during this period of time the Internet series Love 101 tells us again about all the lessons that we forgot. The famous actress Alina Boz is not afraid to dream, and you?

How would you describe success?
- I do not believe that there is such a parameter as “success”. It is not possible to filter what is happening as successful or unsuccessful. You can measure success through the emotions that remain after everything that happens, and only one person in the world needs to see something successful, how it immediately becomes successful. If you consider something successful for you, it is successful. You can put an end to this.

Why does man do good?
- I think the question of good is instinctive. When you are not looking for a reason to do something, you can call what you do “good.”

Alina Boz: Love gives us peace

Do you face your fears face to face?
-I believe that when every person eliminates the nuances that he avoids in his life, he grows. I have to face my fears in order to grow and survive.

Do you believe in dreams?
-My imagination comes into play in everything, and I always pursue these ideas. This is how I accept life.

Are you outgoing?
- I like to meet new people and feel new emotions. But I must admit the fact that this is changing according to my mood.

How would you describe love?
-Love gives us peace. A person can fall in love with nature, in what he considers perfect. Love is a pure feeling that does not expect anything in return.

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