Подарок, вызвавший кучу эмоций у Тубы Бюйюкюстюн


Tuba Buyukustun, who is making efforts to inform her fans on the air that she conducts during the coronavirus epidemic, received great praise. Tuba, through her conversations with foreign Turks, once again proved that the Turkish health system is better than that of Western countries, once again emphasized all the charms of her country.
The famous actress at the same time carried out a very important work in the field of teaching children. One of them was the efforts made by her regarding the Turkish Education Volunteer Fund (TEGV). Tuba Buyukustun updated her former memories.
The actress, who published the messages of two children that they sent her, again pointed out the importance of creating good. The actress, reporting that TEGV is doing important things for educating children, made the following publication on her Instagram account.

Buyukustun wrote: “Look what I found in the morning ... Two pens donated by two beautiful children during our work with @tegv. I re-read what they wrote again and again. I wonder where are now those two beautiful children, one of whom was then in the 5th grade, and one in the 6th, what do they do? Over the years, they still look straight into my eyes. I'm trying to imagine. Wherever they are I hope they are happy, they are fine, in a good mood. TEGV did and is doing great things. So that’s what pride is. ”

Подарок, вызвавший кучу эмоций у Тубы Бюйюкюстюн

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