What is the secret to the success of Forbidden Love

Why is everyone still watching the series "Forbidden Love"? What is the secret of the series?
The series "Forbidden Love" continues to break all kinds of records! It became known that Beren Saat, who also does not leave house because of the coronavirus epidemic, watches Kanal D every day repeating the series Forbidden Love, where she starred in 2008-2010. The person most impressed with Behter's unforgettable character, performed by Beren Saat, is her husband Kenan Dogulu. The pop singer said: "Every day I admire Beren's acting, when I watch a replay of the series" Forbidden Love "with her participation."

She talked about Behter!
Beren Saat: “I miss Behter’s volatile nature. She’s a very colorful character. Her mood is constantly changing. It made me laugh. It’s a very important character in my life, I learned a lot from her. There was such a scene where Behter had a fit of hysteria. This scene influenced my whole day. This scene changed my dream, my reaction ... Because of Behter I experienced something that I did not experience in my life, it was incredible. Even one fine day on the set I didn’t say: "Shouldn't we be filming this scene, should I wear this dress?" her real life, I do not wear necklace and do not do a makeover like Bihter. But I really liked to play the role of Bihter. Because it is a very special female character in literature. She shakes each character in the history of Turkish television. "

Unforgettable remarks from the series "Forbidden Love"!
-Don't be stupid Bihter Ziyagil.
-You will not trust anyone in this life. And myself too.
-What should Bihter confess, Madame Firdeus?
- The same ambition, anger, passion. You are my daughter, Behter. I'm proud of you.
-My brain is to blame, my heart is to blame! Most of all I feel lonely tonight.
-I am dying ... They love each other, and all this happens before my eyes. I am dying of their happiness, as if they are torturing me. Mom, I am dying, help me.
-You are my son.
-Do you want my death? Can you afford to lose me? Me, me, Behter?
-As I always do, when I get stuck somewhere, when I leave everything that I had and leave everyone, I leave, because I have no courage. Come on, darling, run Behlyul.

The secret of the legendary and successful series "Forbidden Love"!
For 12 years, the series "Forbidden Love", which was adapted according to the work of Halit Ziya Usakligil, has been breaking records of ratings, even despite the fact that the series is being repeated over and over again. Experts concluded that the series, which consists of 79 series, is the most-unforgettable series in the history of Turkish television. Let us remind you that the scriptwriter for the Forbidden Love series is Ece Jörenc and Melek Gencoglu, the director of the series Hilal Saral. The story of the series is universal. The dramatic structure of the series is very strong. The personnel of the series are strong and successful actors. The attention of the viewers of the series is drawn to luxurious mansions, stylish costumes. Analyzing a character is very good. You can analyze any character for good and bad points. The ups and downs and surprises of the main characters of the series affect the audience of viewers.

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