Что Джансу Дере сказала о Тубе Бюйюкюстюн?
What did Cansu Dere say about Tuba Buyukustun?

Recently, the words of Cansu Dere about Tuba Buyukustun have been actively discussed. Allegedly, on one of the Jordanian websites, Cansu Dere was asked about Tuba Buyukustun, who has a loyal fan base in the Middle East, who claimed that her body looked like a man, lacking femininity.
Fans of the actresses rebelled, mutual accusations began. It was then alleged that Cansu even apologized to Tuba for her words.
After such news, Cansu Dere decided to put an end to and explained to the journalist Birsen Altuntas.
- I really was very surprised and upset when I found out that people believed that I could say that about my colleague, especially on some foreign sites. This news is fiction and untruth, ”Cansu Dere said.

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