Cansin Cekili, who played for the last time in the series "çocuk", announced to everyone that she was taken to the hospital with suspected coronavirus.
Here is the statement by the famous actress: “I thought I would share this with you after it is over, but today I woke up very emotional. When I went to the hospital last week, I thought that for 20 days I had bronchitis or I'm allergic ... But my coronavirus test result turned out to be positive. I continue to be quarantined; I keep the appropriate distance and stay in my room. Because I have a mom and sister who come and stay with me since I'm sick I have no right to be sad, we all we have the right to do this! This disease is so serious and tiring that believe me, I’m afraid to infect another person and the fear that something will happen to him is incredible ... I did not pay much attention to this and, despite excessive caution, I only left the house 4 times to go to the hospital to check in. I don’t know, I didn’t hear so much and I didn’t think so much ... But sound psychology is the biggest need for this process ... I want to say, take care of yourself. I did not have a fever, there was no fever, but there were so many other stages caused by this disease. For example, a cough, my chest hurts a lot, I don’t feel the taste of chocolate, which I love so much, I don’t know how many times I need to spray the perfumes that are now in my locker so that I can smell them and be glad this smell. I don’t feel the smell of perfume, I cough very hard at certain periods of time ... I realized the following, that sometimes the things that you love so may not bring you good :) I want to say that health is most important! But let's not go through such terrible situations to realize this. As for the doctors, they are all so attentive that I do not know how many times a day they call me and ask about my well-being and I inform them every day. Do you take care of yourself? I'm sitting at home, and you? Believe me, their work is much more complicated than they say. I'm fine, and I'll be fine when I get the test result after my home quarantine. I hope it will be negative. And you be fine, be healthy and please stay home! "

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