Tolgahan Saysman: Almeda - obsessed with cleanliness

Tolgahan Saysman answered fans' questions on Instagram.
The Turkish actor, who was asked what his most unloved habit of Almeda Abazi’(his wife) said, “She's too strict and crazy about cleanliness.”
To the question “If you came to the world again, would you marry Almeda?” Saysman answered “A thousand times - yes!”.

And to the question of whom he loves more, the wife  or the one-year-old son  Efehan, he gave such an answer: “Of course, of course. They are like air and water to me. ”

New car
Two months ago, Tolgahan Saysman bought a Mercedes car, a classic 1994 model. He placed the capital letters of his son’s name on the number plates - ES (Efehan Sayışman). A popular actor bought this car for 300 thousand Turkish liras ($ 45,000).

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