Tips from Akin Akinozu

 Советы от Акына Акынозю

Warning from Akin Akinozu “After reading, you will say how right he is!”
The famous actor, since appearing on screens in 2019 as Miran in the series Hercai, has made a big leap forward until this day. Akinozu, who very quickly passed through the most successful period of his career, became popular and liked by a large audience. He wrote his name in capital letters, not only in Turkey, but also abroad.
Akin Akinosu, repeating that everyone should stay at home, reminded some of the truth of life and advised them to learn a lesson from what was happening. He poured out his emotions on Instagram post.
Publication of the actor:

#Stay at home because the only place without any masks is the house
# Learn to Stop because the world needs to be listened to, it needs to be cleaned, cured and listen to the birds singing
#Start Bored because in the middle of all the hustle and bustle you forgot how and what you consume and create
# Remember Priority because you lose your soul, family, home, path and breath ...
#Stand up for others because you are responsible for protecting more than yourself and we are all connected to each other without any differences.
#SocialDistance because you need to give meaning to social contacts that have become automatic.
#Be patient because similar events were in history and they passed, a panic will do more harm than good.
# Take a lesson because if you do not pass this exam, your children and grandchildren will have to pass the same.
#LifePlaces a house because sometimes life goes out of the house anyway, and it will bring peace or a virus, it depends only on your choice.
And don't forget
There may be fear, but it does not have to become hatred
There may be isolation, but it does not have to become loneliness
It may be a disease, but it does not have to carry the decay of the soul
Yes, there may even be death, but love and freedom can always be born again
#Stay at Home because the world is your only home and you have a big debt to it that needs to be paid ...

Советы от Акына Акынозю

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