Мурат Йылдырым: Имане – моя самая большая награда


Murat Yildirim, a successful actor in the Ramo series of the Show TV channel, in his report to Hello magazine told about his career and his love for his wife Imana.

Murat Yildirim: Imane is my biggest reward

“I experienced all the turning points in Istanbul”
Yildirim claims that even when he came to Istanbul to study at the university, he felt that he would actually have a different profession: “Moving to Istanbul, I felt that there would be other things in my life that I actually came not for engineering. All the turning points of my life happened in Istanbul. ”
Murat Yildirim, who played in the TV series “Ramo” after a long time, said: “I did not take part in any script that I did not like, I started to play“ Ramo with pleasure ”.

“My Benefits Won”
Yildirim, who made it clear that his good intentions were the most difficult test in his life, said: “All the good and all the bad were connected with the way I controlled my good intentions. There was a time when I could not control them, and the greatest pain in my life I experienced in those days. I myself allowed it, I fought all the time and benefited. ”

“Imane is my biggest reward”
Yıldırım, who said that the greatest reward for beneficence was meeting his wife Imane, said: “Now I live the happiest days of my life. She was sent to me as the greatest reward for my good deeds. The best thing I did for myself was to fall in love with Imane. Imane is the best sent to me by fate. This is a reward for all those losses that I suffered because of my good intentions ... "

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