Kivanç Tatlitug congratulates his wife on her birthday
In a very discreet way, the Turkish actor , published a romantic old photo of the couple.

In the midst of quarantine and showing off, as usual, his discretion, the handsome Turkish actor Kivanç Tatlitug congratulated his wife, Basak Dizer, on networks for her 43rd birthday on April 13, but without making any "noise" " Just as other actors who have served years in these days of confinement have shared a photo at home with their particular celebration, Kivanç Tatlitug, only published an old image of the couple on one of their trips. Of course, one of the most romantic we have seen of them.

With a concise "Happy birthday dear! I love you", Kivanç accompanied his public congratulations. The private, both kept it for the privacy of their home, where they surely celebrated this day in a special way.

"It is a special birthday and a period in which I find profound messages of the most diverse, strange but really thought about in my life. It is the first time that all my loved ones, friends and family are not with me. Oh, for the first time, my dear father is not in my life ... These things never make me unhappy, maybe a little astringent, but there is great hope and great enthusiasm. His hope, peace and smile must not be overcome. Call, everything is good for people, it is good to live. Health. "

Kivanç feared being infected by Covid-1
The couple has experienced somewhat complicated days since on April 1, Kivanç had some symptoms that could presage a possible coronavirus infection (Covid-19). Throughout the day, the actor kept his followers informed via Twitter: "Hello everyone, we have been at home with my wife for 15 days. However, after some of my complaints, I was placed under observation at the hospital I went to. Please don't worry. I'm fine and I'm waiting for my test result. I'll give information. "

This was one of his first announcements. He then commented on the results:

"I came to the hospital with a high fever and cough, pneumonia was detected in a small area of ​​my lung as a result of the exams. They followed me and treated me in this regard. Today I learned that my Covid-19 test result was negative."

Relieved with the outcome, Tatlitug sent a message of thanks and encouragement to everyone.

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