Kadir Dogulu, who cannot leave his house with his wife Neslihan Atagul because of quarantine, conducted a live broadcast on his Instagram account. The actor, who answered questions from subscribers, told how they spend quarantine weekdays.
The actor, who said that new discoveries in the sphere of interests could be made during this period, said “Anything can be a discovery. Making scissors, printing a book, you might be interested in something related to nature or your hobbies. If you begin to develop your research habit in this way, you will develop your research habit and recognition interest. ”
A successful actor, who reported that 3 years ago with his wife Neslihan Atagul Dogulu, they started a project on zero waste, said that while they were developing it at home, they created a composting system for processing any type of waste.
The young actor said that in addition to reading and researching on various topics, they planted their own kindergarten, and spend this period with their dogs and hens.

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