Hazal Kaya: “I can immediately give birth to another child”

Hazal Kaya became the guest of the YouTube program "This evening with Ibrahim Selim." The famous actress said, "I really liked motherhood, I give birth to a second and third child."

Here are the headings of Hazal Kai's statements ...
Due to the fact that I recently gave birth, I did not leave home for almost 40 days, so I am in a quite usual position, staying at home, nothing has changed much for me.

“I thank you for the luxury of staying at home.”
After giving birth, I was able to go out for about a month, when they started talking about coronavirus, I closed at home and stayed at home for about 22-23 days. I do not complain, I just thank for the luxury that during this period I can stay at home ...

“I really liked motherhood, I still have children”
It turns out that I was very ready to become a mother. When he was born and they gave me a hand, I behaved professionally, as if I had a third child. I reassured mom and Ali. I really liked motherhood, I give birth to more children, it turns out it's great.

“It's very strange that something might like so much”
One can be right away, and even two, I am very easily moving forward. This is probably what they call being a young mother! I wasn’t worried, and I’m not at all stressed when the child begins to cry. I really liked it. It is very strange that something might like so much.
Yesterday he smiled at me, and I cried with happiness. In addition, I was familiar. This is a very fun situation. 4 dogs, two of us, we are already a big family, it seems to me like to expand. Now I have started growing plants.

“I learned a lot from Kivanc Tatlitug”
I really love all the colleagues I worked with, but until today, the most enjoyable partner I worked with was Kivanc. Cagatay and I did not get along very well when we worked together. We were young, he was brand new, therefore. I really love Aras Bulut, and Burak too ... But I learned a lot from Kivanc Tatlitug, I respect him like a brother and therefore I say Kivanc.

“I started playing the violin and practicing ballet at 4.5”
I started playing the violin and practicing ballet at 4.5 years old. They could not keep me at home. Because I was very hyperactive, and I got into it. Once at the Lyceum I tried to play in the theater, and no longer thought to try it. I had a car accident and threw a ballet. Since I became a metalworker, I left the violin. (Laughs)
When we were on vacation in Assos, a woman came up to me and asked, “Do you want to become an actress? The shooting of the series “School Notebook” should begin, my mother got angry with a woman, but I thought “Actress? Actually, it’s possible, "and molested my mother," Send me there. " My mother’s voice friends advised us on one agency, and I got my first role in advertising, and then came the sequel.

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