Кризис в семье: Бурак Озчивит остался между женой и сестрой

There was a crisis in the Ozcivit  family :  - the daughter-in-law and the sister-in-law quarreled.

 The relations of Fahriye and Burcin finally deteriorated. They had not been getting along for a long time already, but the last quarrel was so big that Fahriye even decided not to allow the sister-in-law to communicate with her one-year-old son Karan anymore. She also deleted her from the list of Instagram subscriptions. Relatives tried to reconcile them, but Fahriye did not agree and completely deleted Burcin from her life. Therefore, Burcin could not congratulate her nephew on his first birthday, which was celebrated on April 13.

Кризис в семье: Бурак Озчивит остался между женой и сестрой

Burak Ozcivit got into a difficult situation, he remained between two fires - his wife and only sister. A popular actor is struggling to establish a relationship between two beloved women. He has a very warm relationship with his sister, he always and in every way supported each other. And as claimed, Fahriye demands that Burak does not communicate with his sister.

Crisis in the family: Burak Ozchitiv remained between his wife and sister

Burcin Ozcivit divorced 4 months ago from businessman Ahmet Denizem, with whom they lived together for 5 years. Burcin and Ahmet have a 4-year-old daughter named Acelia.

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