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Cansu Dere will star in a new series
Following the failure of their latest project, Ferhat and Sirin, it has been announced that Mother's remembered Zeynep is to lead the cast of Fatma, a series for Netflix.

Amidst these difficult times, when Turkish productions have been cut short and actors and actresses must remain confined to their homes, some of them still receive good news by the time the quarantine ends. This is the case of Cansu Dere, who after suffering the setback of seeing how her latest series, Ferhat and Sirin, did not achieve the expected audience, has now been chosen to star in a new project.

This is the Fatma series, produced by Başak Abacıgil for the Netflix platform and with a script by Özgür Önürme, which would be broadcast in 2021. According to some Turkish media, the remembered Zeynep de Madre plays the role of a cleaner who, after her image of worker, hide a murderer.

Fatma is 35 years old and married to a man who has disappeared after serving a prison sentence. When she decides to search for him, she ends up committing a murder without intending to. It will be the first of many others that he must complete in order to continue his life and avenge his innocent son.

Turkish productions for Netflix
It is still unknown when the recordings would begin and if the current situation caused by the coronavirus will modify any of the expected deadlines. The name of the rest of the cast has not been known either.

The popular protagonist of Mother, Sila and Ezel thus joins the names of Turkish interpreters chosen by Netflix for its international digital platform. The first Netflix self-produced series in Turkey was The Protector, with Çagatay Ulusoy, then it was Beren Saat's turn, with The gift. a great success that has assured her a second season. Since then other Ottoman productions have been added to the platform's catalog, such as the movie Mystery in Cell 7 by Aras Bulut Iynemli and Deniz Baysal.

The failure of Cansu Dere's latest project
Cansu Dere is one of the most sought-after and admired actresses on the Turkish art scene, but her latest project Ferhat and Sirin, for which she had bet heavily after rejecting other proposals, was not as expected. Her character was the antagonist, Banu, a powerful and strong woman who tries to end the relationship of her sister Sirin (Leyla Tanlar) and her partner, Ferhat (Tolga Sarıtaş). Dere offered in this novel a very different image from what the public is used to, so the actress decided to embark on the project. But the series, which was to have 8 chapters, ended in the sixth, late last year.

Cansu Dere ferhat y sirin
Her last television job had been Şahsiyet last year, where she played a police officer. Judging by the last characters that the beautiful Turkish woman is accepting, her intention is to distance herself from the roles of good and suffering girl as the last we saw her in Mother.

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