"Can" Yaman inspires romantic writer Megan Max for her new erotic novel
The popular Spanish author, Megan Maxwell, has confessed that the protagonist of her next book has had as a model the Turkish actor of  Early Bird.

That Can Yaman breaks hearts wherever he goes is a fact. And not only does he achieve it through his captivating characters in romantic soap operas such as Early Bird, Dolunay , but he has also conquered his female and male audience in each visit he has made to countries such as Italy, Greece, France or Spain. But now it has gone one step further: it has been the inspiration for the Spanish writer of love novels Megan Maxwell.

"My novel with Can Yaman"

The author of 38 books, including the trilogy Ask me for what you want or the award-winning Until the sun rises, recently confessed in an interview through Instagram -which she granted to another very popular Galician writer on that social network, Yago Sparks-, that the man who has inspired the protagonist of her next erotic novel is Can Yaman. She also recognized that she had a photo of him on her desk and already refers to that book, entitled What are you waiting for? like "my novel with Can Yaman".

<!-- adsense -->Megan assured during the interview that: "When I write a novel, I choose the type of man I want to create, and the book I am writing now, and it will come out by the end of the year, is an erotic novel, which comes after writing 'Nor do I ask So much ', where there is a character named Can and this will be the protagonist of my new novel ". He added: "I want the character to be physically like Can Yaman."

In addition, the writer has in mind to bring her novels to the screen and hopes to transfer this new erotic story, where the protagonist would be the handsome Can Divit by Erkenci Kus. At the moment, he says, he was in talks to transfer one of his bestsellers to television or the movies when the coronavirus crisis came and left everything paralyzed. Hope to pick it up again when this is all over.

Özge Gürel embarks on a new movie
For Can Yaman, for his part, this is undoubtedly good news, since on his recent visit to Spain he confessed that he would like to work in Spain and, in these days of confinement, he is taking advantage to learn Spanish. At the moment he plans to embark on a new soap opera, where he will share the limelight again with Özge Gürel, with whom he already met in Dolunay. It will surely be the first thing he does as soon as the quarantine is over. And if by the end of the year the proposal comes to him to star in the novel by Megan Maxwell we could see him speaking Spanish on  screens to the delight of many fans.

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