Berker Güven shaved his beard, but what about the series "Cruel Istanbul"?

The famous actor Berker Güven who plays the role of Nedim in the series "Cruel Istanbul", is quarantined at home due to the outbreak of the coronavirus epidemic. With the advent of the coronavirus epidemic in Turkey, the board of directors of the production company Avşar film stopped filming the series “Cruel Istanbul”. When the filming of the series begins again is unknown.
Berker Güven has shaved his beard to date, is it due to the fact that the team of the series will not come to the set for a long time, or will there be the ending of the series "Cruel Istanbul"? "...

On April 2, on World Autism Day, the famous actor Berker Güven presented his new image to all his fans. One of his subscribers wrote under his photo: “How beautiful you are. Your wonderful heart is displayed on your face!”.
In his signature to the photo, the actor wrote: “Yes, I shaved my beard”, thereby he made it clear to everyone that this is not an old photograph, but a new one. Guven's fans wrote a lot of comments that said they liked his new look.
Here is this publication by Berker Güven with the caption: "#otizmemaviisikyak # dünyaotizmfarkındalıkgünü # BlueColorAutism #WorldAutism Awareness Day And you put on a blue t-shirt, shirt, sweater and share your photo on social networks. Create awareness about World Day Yes!

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