Bergüzar Korel and Engin Akyürek arrive on Netflix
Their movie Bir ask iki hayat (One Love, Two Lives), which premiered in Turkish theaters in February last year, will be available on Netflix starting April 3.

The film Bir ask iki hayat (One love, two lives) brought together Bergüzar Korel and Engin Akyürek, two of the most admired Turkish actors of the moment, as the main couple. We know her for her role as Sherezade in The Thousand and One Nights, where she tandem with her husband in real life Halit Ergenç, who have also recently been parents of their second son, Han. Engin, for his part, He is one of the actors considered to be the most attractive in the Turkish artistic scene and has starred in novels such as Fatmagül with Beren Saat, or Kara Para Ask with Tuba Büyüküstün. Now fans of both ,will have the opportunity to see them together because that movie they star in will be broadcast on Netflix from April 3.

Directed by Ali Bilgin and produced by Ay Yapim - MedYapim, it premiered in Turkish cinemas in February 2019. After its success on the big screen, last Wednesday, April 1, it was presented for the first time on television on the network Fox Türkiye. And now Netflix is ​​the platform that has added it to its catalog so that it can be seen around the world. Other actors who are part of the cast are İpek Bilgin (Ezel), Merve Dizdar (who works with Serenay Sarikaya on the musical Alize), Osman Sonant ( Vendetta), Serhat Parıl .

In the story, Engin plays Umut, an ad director, and Bergüzar plays Deniz, an architect. Fate will unite them one night when Umut has to decide between taking his dog for a walk or staying at home. The film talks about their love, the role of destiny and the choice that each person makes in life with their decisions. Throughout all the stages of their love relationship, memories of a traumatic childhood in Umut will emerge and Deniz's strength will be seen.

"We worked very happily when we shot this movie. There is a sense of reality that we wanted to achieve. We want people to see something sincere, real, something in life, to forget our own identities and believe that we are Deniz and Umut. We want them to believe in love, "Bergüzar said in an interview about the film shortly before its release a year ago.

The actress acknowledged that she was about to reject the role: "I had just finished the series Vatanin Sensin , I had cut my hair and was on vacation with my family." But her manager convinced her: "She told me that she had wanted such a character for a long time; and I accepted it because I saw her as very real, very similar to me at the time. Until then she had made characters very different from me."

For his part, Engin explained in the interview that: "the film talks about things that are important to me and that are related to my life; I am interested in the story of people who cannot be found, despite being in it place and at the same time. " In fact, in the book he wrote in 2018, "one part is about two people who wrote the same story. The encounters are important to me."

Bergüzar is currently dedicated to her baby, born just two months ago. And Akyürek is on board with Neslihan Atagül in the series Sefirin Kizi (The Ambassador's Daughter), of which a second season has recently been announced, although right now the recordings have ended due to the coronavirus situation in the country.

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