Берен Саат помирилась со свекровью

Beren Saat reconciled with her mother-in-law

Beren Saat, who overcame problems with her husband Kenan Dogulu 6 months ago, solved problems with her mother-in-law Serpil Dogulu. Now we will tell you everything in order.

What happened?
Beren Saat for 6 years was at a certain distance from the family of her husband Kenan Dogulu. The bride and mother-in-law were together only at family parties and concerts of Kenan Dogulu. According to the news; in the summer of 2017, a block of ice formed between Beren Saat and her mother-in-law Serpil Dogulu. In 2018, they almost did not see each other. In March 2019, Beren Saat and Serpil Dogulu quarreled at a grocery store in Kuruchesme.

Let them understand themselves!
During a 6-month breakup between Beren Saat and Kenan Dogulu, Serpil Dogulu made the following statement: "I do not interfere in their relationship. Let them understand themselves!".
According to news from the Posta newspaper, ice melted 1.5 months ago between Beren Saat and her mother-in-law Serpil Dogulu.

Talking over video!
Kenan Dogulu united them together. Beren often talks to his mother-in-law via video . The daughter-in-law goes to the grocery store and pharmacy, where she buys everything she needs for her mother-in-law. She also prepares various pastries and takes them to her mother-in-law Serpil.

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