Afra Saracoglu told about the series and quarantine

A special report by Afra Saracoglu for the portal. The famous actress talked about the TV series “Teacher”, where she plays the role of Gizem, and also spoke about the days of quarantine and the upcoming news about the live broadcast, in which she said: “I was a tomboy!”. We want to remind you that at the moment the shooting of the series "Teacher" has stopped due to the epidemic of coronavirus.

How do you spend time at home during the quarantine period? What do you do most at home?

-We faced an epidemic that continues to exert influence all over the world, and since this virus is transmitted very quickly, we also took various security measures in our country. Everyone must comply with these measures without exception. With this awareness, I also take my own security measures: I stay at home, do not leave my house unnecessarily, maintain my social distance with people when I go shopping at the grocery store. I keep myself and the environment in which I live in order. I have two of the cutest dogs in the world. I spend most of my time with them. For a long time at home, I realized that I did not have enough time to cook in the kitchen, I missed it, but now I have time to try different recipes.

Do you also bake bread at home?
- Since most of all we need bread, my mother and I decided to bake bread at home on our own. Despite the fact that this was our first experience, we got an amazing result, it was very tasty. And now we are preparing healthy and tasty bread for breakfast, without leaving home. In addition, I read books that I could not read earlier, because I could not find for this time. During this period, I feel comfortable, I play the piano and engage in personal education. My day is passing very fast. I want to remind everyone again #evdekal # Stay at home.

What series / movies are you watching now, and are there any series / films that you can recommend for those who stay at home to watch?

-The last time I watched the movie "King / The King" on Netflix. I enjoyed watching this movie. Now I'm watching the 2nd season of the series "Pose." On blutv there is a series called “The Handmaid’s Tale”. I would recommend this series for viewing. The series "The Handmaid's Tale" is adapted from Margaret Atwood's novel of the same name.

Since the first series, the series "Teacher" has received good marks from viewers. Everyone liked both the script of the series and your game. What do you say about this?
-Thanks a lot. The preliminary preparation for the series was very intense and enjoyable. My team and I worked very hard to get a very good job. When I first read the script for the series Teacher, I realized what should be in this project. All the scripts that came in to me were always the same. The category of beautiful women without a depth of soul ... I preferred a character who psychologically challenged me, and I really like working that way. Having set off on a journey with Gizem and trying to understand it, I looked at things from the other side, I raised it and improved it ...

There are a lot of conversations on social networks about your live broadcast with Efekan Jan, in which you said to yourself like this: "As a child, I was a tomboy!" However, we heard that your words were misunderstood, is that so?
-We do something through social networks to encourage each other and those who are following us. Firstly, never forget that we conduct live broadcasts for entertainment purposes. Being Afra, I share my feelings naturally, cheerfully, sincerely and clearly. Therefore, I would like the messages that we give on social networks during this period with my colleagues to be perceived correctly. During this period of time, we share with you our special home situations. I really want the words that we say not to be used for any other purpose and not to be turned upside down. In this regard, I would like to thank everyone and again say #evdekal # Stay at Home, and also wish everyone a good mood and all the best in these quarantine days.

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