Из-за коронавируса заморозятся съемки турецких сериалов
The new COVID-19 virus is spreading around the world with great speed, many countries are closing international communications, public institutions, schools, universities, companies. The World Health Organization (WHO) on March 11 declared the outbreak of the new coronavirus COVID-19 a pandemic. More than 153 thousand people in more than 140 countries are already infected in the world, the majority have recovered, 5.7 thousand have died.
WHO recommends staying in their homes, not visiting public places. As in many countries, Turkey has also announced quarantine.
“In order to protect citizens from the coronavirus pandemic, Monday, 10 a.m. bars, discos and nightclubs are suspended, vacations are announced at educational institutions,” the ministry said.
The quarantine also touched cinema, the next gala premieres of films were canceled, cinemas and theaters were closed.
Singers carry over their concerts. Television programs are shot without viewers.
It is expected that the serial sector will announce the Suspension of projects for the coming weeks. Both actors and directors made a call to stop shooting, since they work 150 people side by side on the set, and there is no guarantee that they will not infect each other. It is very difficult to maintain hygiene in such conditions.
Turkey's health care left a decision to suspend filming for the production company, which is filming the project. Everyone will decide to declare quarantine and dismiss the crew or continue to work.
The production company Limon Yapim was the first to freeze its projects, the shooting of the series “Warrior” was suspended for an indefinite period, and the shooting of the new series “One Mother's Sin” was postponed.

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