Онур Сайлак: Любовь всей моей жизни

Onur Saylak: The love of my life

The Turkish actor and director Onur Saylak divorced in 2017 from Tuba Buyukustun, with whom he had been married for 6 years. They left twins from marriage - Maya and Toprak, the girls are now 8 years old. After the divorce, Onur Saylak began an affair with manager Gozde Yılmaz. They have been together for more than two years, but they do not like to advertise their relationship. A week ago in Istanbul, Onur and Gozde attended the event "These songs drove me crazy", at which, passing for a DJ player, he said to the guests:
- I’m very lucky with women in my life. I have two beautiful daughters, and next to me is the love of a lifetime!
Gozde, looking into the eyes of Onur who spoke these words, smiled and happy.
Lovers, all night dancing and having fun under incendiary songs.

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