Новости для поклонников сериала "Основание Осман"

News for fans of the kuruluş osman series

The series "kuruluş osman, like many projects, went on hiatus due to quarantine declared throughout Turkey, as well as around the world now. But the good news came for fans of the series - after a week-long break on Wednesday, April 1, a new 17 episode will be aired!

Filming was suspended last week, then the producers decided to finish shooting the 17 episode, which was only half completed.
After shooting the 17th episode and releasing it on air, the team of the series for 4 weeks goes on a break.
In this way, if the fight against coronavirus is successful, filming will resume in May.However, if the situation does not stabilize, then the season ends with episode 17, viewers can see the continuation only in the fall season, that is, in September.
While this is not confirmed information, officially - the kuruluş osman series is quarantined for 4 weeks.

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