Новая жизнь – описание героев сериала
New life - a description of the characters in the series

Acquaintance with the heroes of the new series "New Life", which will begin on March 17 on Kanal D

Adem Sahin (Serkan Cayoglu)
35 years. Adem, a former soldier of the ground forces "burgundy beret", married and has a daughter. For Adem, who had to leave the army after an unsuccessful operation, life begins again ... Timur, the boss of Adem Bekir’s friend, wants to hire a bodyguard to protect his wife Yasemin. When Adem meets the woman whom he is entrusted with protecting, he immediately suppresses his feelings with panic caused by fear, although deep down he feels that the real danger is much greater than death. For Adam, this feeling that he experienced for the first time in his life was not only incomprehensible, but also unacceptable. But no matter how far Adam tries to escape, there is something in this woman that attracts him. When in time he learns better Yasemin, Adem’s life turns upside down. On the one hand, his family and a promise to Timur, and on the other hand, Yasemin. When he makes a decision in this mess and intends to leave with his family, the secret he learns will affect everyone's fate.

Yasemin Karatan (Melisa Asli Pamuk)
Yasemin is a young girl with amazing beauty and mysterious charm. She is indispensable for her husband Timur. Timur is attached to her with an indescribable passion. Yasemin, who came from the lower class, succeeded in reaching the upper class thanks to her marriage to Timur. Being the wife of a rich, strong and successful man seems to be the most logical way to achieve a better and safer life, especially when you are still a young girl. But she soon realized that she was mistaken, until today she has not managed to get rid of this load ... Since Timur is not the person she can leave when she wants. Crossing the paths with Adem will change Yasemin's life in a direction that she did not expect at all.

Timur Karatan (Tayanc Ayaydin)
Husband Yasemin, a rich and successful businessman. He is a man who knows what he wants, and can be very cruel in getting what he wants. In fact, Timur, who, apparently, is an extremely respected and friendly businessman with his own hotels and a fleet of ships, actually owes his wealth to illegal business. His daughter from his first marriage, Gökce, is the only person whom Timur loves unconditionally in his life. After the death of his first wife, turning into an even more severe, ruthless and obsessed person, Timur lives his second love with Yasemin. He cannot make Yasemin love him, but he manages to make her fear to death. When Yasemin begins to receive death threats, Timur is afraid, even if he does not show it to anyone. He will never allow what happened to his first wife to happen to Yasemin.

Nevin Sahin (Nilperi Sahinkaya)
Adema's wife. After Adem left the army, troubles knocked down the ambitious side of Nevin. She forces Adem to accept the offer of a bodyguard. When Nevin sees Yasemin for the first time, vague anxiety appears in her, but she does not focus on her. In this new life, she begins to live on the brink of wealth that Nevin had never seen before. Soon, she loses herself in the new world, and gradually turns into another woman.

Goekce Karatan (Ipek Filiz Yazici)
Timur's daughter from her first marriage. She is a beautiful, rebellious, spoiled young girl. She studies at a private university. She is the woman who cannot separate freedom from moral weakness. Goekce does everything she wants in her life, not thinking about the devastating consequences that can happen. She thinks the world revolves around her. For Goekce, the entry of Adem into their lives as a bodyguard, Yasemin is an exciting event. When Goekce meets Adem, she rejoices like a child of a new toy.

Ece Sahin (Nisa Sofya Aksongur)
8 years old, daughter of Adem and Nevin. To study in the second grade of elementary school. After many years without her beloved father, Ece is very happy because dad is now always with them. For this reason, she easily adapts to their new life. She is madly in love with her father. Ece expects from him constant attention to her. She always asks Adem to tell her a bedtime story. Since Nevin is authoritative in relation to her and does not allow much to be done, Ece tries to hide her mischief from her mother.

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