Ирем Сак о словах Туваны Тюркай
Irem Sak talk about the words of Tuvana Turkay

Last day, Irem Sak was spotted by reporters. To questions about the behavior and words of Tuvana Turkay at the gala premiere of the film "Heavy Romantic".
The actress said, referring to Tuvana’s personality: “You can enjoy filming movies / TV shows, or you may not get it ... But it’s very important how you think about something and with what expression you express. I think it’s necessary control your behavior in front of the cameras! "

Recall, at the gala premiere of the movie "Heavy Romantic", in response to questions from Tuvan journalists, Turkay said something that simply infuriated her partner, Onur Tuna.

First, Onur Tuna spoke, answering questions, he said that the film turned out beautiful, having fun filming, I hope the audience will feel it.
Then Tuvan Turkay took the floor and, as if mimicking Onur Tuna, laughing with sarcasm said:
- I won’t repeat the cliche that they were having fun on the set, you will feel it, and the film turned out great! Nobody will say at the gala premiere that the film is bad, don’t come! But we really put a lot of effort into the film.
The actor Onur Tuna who stood behind turned red after her stinging laughter and words, he smiled through his teeth, but his eyes threw lightning!

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