Как Кадир Догулу убедил Неслихан Атагюль отдыхать на природе
How Kadir Doğulu convinced Neslihan Atagul to relax in nature

Kadir Dogulu and his wife Neslihan Atagül refused to stay in 5-star hotels during the summer holidays and bought a trailer in 2016. They spent 300,000 Turkish liras on the design interior of a trailer worth 150,000 Turkish liras.
The couple went to Switzerland on a trailer and set up camp in the places they needed. Kadir Dogulu shared their adventure experiences on the trailer and hikes. He said the following: “One must stop being alternative to nature. This urban life is alternative!” Dogulu also added that hiking and adventure on the trailer began with habits that he had at a young age.

Dogulu was born and raised in Mersin and lived for some time next to the Toros Mountains (these mountains can be called Toros or Taurus, from the European “taur” it is a hill. Taurus from all sides surround the Gulf of Antalya). The Toros Mountains were his home; he connected his existence with nature. Living in the Toros mountains and villages near them, Dogulu first moved away from the house by a certain diameter, and then increased this distance. The actor also emphasized that his love for the trailer has increased even more from 10-12 years.

Как Кадир Догулу убедил Неслихан Атагюль отдыхать на природе

Kadir Dogulu told about the adventures on the trailer with the following words: “After we bought our trailer, we left Ipsala (a city and district in the province of Edirne Turkey) and reached Switzerland. Having no experience in this matter, we learned everything along the way We stayed in 11 camps, taking into account the round trip, and made friends with very good people there. We stayed in broken camps, not hotels, and we had a lot of beautiful views and wonderful discoveries. Life in the camp is something another, and you will learn a lot there.  camp gives freedom to the people. If something goes wrong, then it had to be, if you get rid of anxiety, anxiety and panic that you feel at the moment, you will be free and reach all. "

Neslihan also fell in love with this business with time!

Speaking at the Camp & Caravan Fuarı camp and trailer fair, Kadir Dogulu said: “I slowly made Neslihan fall in love with life in the camp. At first we started to set up camp in nearby places. Usually I don’t take a lot of things with me so they don’t burden me, but I provided her with a suitable environment to make her feel more comfortable. And then, step by step, I brought her to the final stage, she loved such a life "

Как Кадир Догулу убедил Неслихан Атагюль отдыхать на природе

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