Demet Özdemir paylaştı, Can Yaman'dan yorum gecikmedi

Demet Özdemir shared a photo ,Comment from Can Yaman was not delayed

Demet Özdemir and Can Yaman had started to experience love on the set of the series they played together Erkenci Kus /Early Bird... With the series making the final, love ended.

Can Yaman in an interview after the finale

"Demet 'had a high libido, we couldn't catch this harmony if it was a snop girl," the words were spoken for days.

Yaman 'words opened up with his ex-girlfriend.

Demet Özdemir asked Can "not to say my name" by spreading news "
  She was even claimed that she requested the removal of news about her of the search engines.

Both names remained silent in the news.

Demet Özdemir shared the photo taken by the pool with her orange shirt yesterday on her Instagram  with her followers. Can Yaman commented on his ex-girlfriend's photo "You are wearing vitamin C".

Özdemir's photo received over 1 million likes before 24 hours.

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