Джан Яман об обвинениях в свой адрес
Can Yaman told about the accusations

The situation is as follows; the incident occurred on November 21, 2019 late at night, the 52-year-old fan of Can Yaman, Çiğdem Gökaşan,, told the actor: “We made you famous, and now you are driving me out of this institution?”, Yaman, who got very angry after these words, turned the woman’s arm, what hurt her. With these charges, Gökaşan went to the police station and filed a complaint against Yaman. The editor of the newspaper "Günaydın" Dilek Yaman got to the testimony of Can Yaman.
Here is what Yaman said in the face of these accusations: “At 2:00 I went to an institution called Ruby in the Ortakoy district. Since I’m famous, many wanted to take pictures with me. I didn’t offend anyone and took pictures with everyone I wanted. About 03: 15 security said that I need to go to the police station and testify. I went. There was no incident. I did not even see this woman. I think she decided to use me because she knows that I am famous. That's all, what can I say about the situation. There are no complaints from anyone from me. "

No formal notice has been received!

And here is what Yaman said yesterday in his statement: “There is no official notice that I would receive. It would be wrong to explain a situation that I do not know anything about. In the coming days, we will assess the situation and make a statement if necessary.”

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