Бурджу Бириджик: Не обвиняй себя
Burcu Biricik: Don't Blame Yourself

Burcu Biricik: Don't Blame Yourself

Actress Burcu Biricik became the face of the cover of the March magazine MAG. She also gave an interview for this magazine.
In her interview, Biricik told about what she did in order to be happy: “We live a very difficult life. We receive news about deaths, violence, torture of animals ... Now we are afraid that the coronavirus will come to Turkey. From - because of the negative energy caused by the problems we face, we turn into impatient, blaming and condemning people. That's why I always want to do something good for myself. I say to myself: “Be proud of yourself, thank yourself for the fact that you can do, don't blame yourself for what you cannot change! ". While our conditions are so difficult and favorable for falling, I think that if we can always be strong and persistent, we know how to love, then we can be much more timid and patient people."

Burcu Biricik: Don't Blame Yourself

Are you open to innovation?
-I am open to innovation in business life, but not very open in personal life. I like to keep my own safe space steady. The feeling of knowing what will happen makes me feel better.

Very soon, I will start acting in the film!
Burcu Biricik also spoke in an interview about her new project: “I will be making a feature film. We will start making a film at the end of March and plan to complete the shooting in 2.5 weeks. This is a project that we plan to send to film festivals initially. I want to to act in films that will be made for film festivals or feature films, and not because it is popular, but because these films can be a little more comfortable and calm. "

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