Барыш Ардуч в "Яме"

Baris Arduc in the "Pit"

Popular Turkish actor Baris Arduc joined the cast of the the Pit / Chukur series, which has been gaining very high television ratings for 3 seasons.
Baris Arduc will play the role of the younger brother of Cagatay Erdenet - Arik Boke Erdenet will come to avenge his brother. His arrival will turn everything upside down in the Kochovaly family and shuffle the cards.
This role is different from Arduc's previous projects, in which he appears in the unusual image of a villain.
Today, the actor was spotted on the set of Pit, and a joint photo of Aras Bulut Iinemli and Baris Arduc was also published, officially announced that he was in the personnel of the series.

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