Альп Навруз: Мне везет с сериалами

Alp Navruz: I'm lucky with the series

Alp Navruz: I'm lucky with the series

The series that Alp Navruz refused could not stay on the TV screen!

Let us turn our attention to the method that the famous actor Alp Navruz followed before accepting the offer to shoot in the Phoenix series, which proposals came to him at that time, and which of the series that he did not accept could not resist TV screen ... Recently, a famous actor was a guest of the program of the journalist of Milliyet Ali Eyüboğlu newspaper called "Magazin Noteri". In this program, Navruz showed everyone his trailer and provided information that would serve as an example for many colleagues in his "shop". Alp Navruz, who received 6 different shooting projects from each other, including the Phoenix series on this list, said that the projects that he did not accept could not stay on TV.

He was able to save 3 series on television, being the main character in the series!

Alp Navruz also described what criteria he looked at and which method he followed before taking on the role in the Phoenix series. For 2 series, the actor who played in the series “Mrs. Fazilet and Her Daughters” (50 episodes) and the series “Don't Let Go of My Hand” (59 episodes), scored a total of 109 episodes of the main role. Alp Navruz, who had the opportunity to rest for 1 month between the two series, mentioned that he received many offers for filming in the series, although he did not plan to shoot for a certain period of time.

What is the criterion for choosing a project?

Ali Eyüboğlu asked the famous actor such a question: "Do you understand if the series will be able to stay on TV?" Alp Navruz’s response was a complete lesson for his colleagues: “I believe that I was very lucky on this subject. In addition to luck, we sit with my team and discuss each project, studying it. What is the future of this story, etc. .. Before I’ll definitely sit down and "talk" with a one-on-one scenario before starting work. I accept the project after I make an analysis: in what direction will the character develop, in which direction will the history itself go, will the Turkish people really follow To be honest, I knew the Phoenix series would have ratings. There’s even a chance to get us a higher rating. Since our series is broadcast on a weekend, we gain only about 9 percent. This is a very good rating for a weekend. But if our series went on weekdays, the rating could rise " .

A total of 6 projects received! Those series, whose proposal he did not accept, could not resist on TV!

Navruz said that he chose the Phoenix series among the 6 proposals received, since he liked the history of the series, and all the other series that he refused to shoot could not stay on TV: "I also see what people really they watch and pay attention to the series. And I think that they will follow these same points in other projects. In total, along with the series "Phoenix" I received 6 different series. I read the scripts of all. But I did not want to work because at that moment I just finished working. came from different TV channels and important production companies, but the work that I don’t accept, for example, now according to my forecast, I don’t think it will be of great importance. Some of the works that I didn’t accept could not stay on the television screens. Then I saw that I choose a very good project series called "Phoenix" and a character that suits me. It turned out to be true. I think it means that I more or less understand something in this topic " .

But, unfortunately, Navruz did not disclose the names of these series that crashed on TV.

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