Why did they stop shooting the series "Dam"?

Filming of the "Dam" series, whose production company is Medyapım, was stopped for two reasons;
1. Biran Damla Yılmaz, the leading woman, got the swine flu. She had to take a break for a week, now the actress is in order and has already returned to the set.

2. The second important reason for the shooting stops is the new image of Feyyaz Duman ... In the series, Duman will play the role of Nazim’s master. As soon as the successful actor left the series "Woman" and joined the staff of the series "Dam", it was decided to make changes to his image. They waited for the actor to grow a mustache and a beard.

The team of the series "Dam", which has already shot most of the first episode of the series, has already returned to filming and plans to appear on the screens in early March!

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