They are looking for a little actress similar to Serenay Sarikaya for filming in the movie "Bergen"

The director of the film "Bergen", whose production companies are: TAFF Pictures and Motion Content Group, became the director nicknamed "Ketche" Hakan Kirvavac. The script for this film is being worked on by: Yildiz Bayazit, Mine Senzhez, writers: Sema Kaygusuz, Murat Ozyashar and Yavuz Ekinci, and consultations were received from the sociologist professor Meral Ozbek and psychiatrist Jemal Dindar for the script details.

For the film "Bergen", the shooting of which is planned for the summer, they began to look for an actress of 6 and 13 years old, similar to Serenay Sarikaya. At the moment, Serenay Sarikaya is taking acting classes and is engaged in singing in order to carefully prepare for the shooting of the film "Bergen". The shooting of this film will take place in such cities as: Adana, Ankara and Izmir.

Despite the fact that the filming of the film has not even begun, the release date of the film "Bergen" in theaters was announced. The premiere of the film "Bergen" will be held November 27, 2020!

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