The zeal of Burak Ozcivit for the role of Osman is finally appreciated

From the very beginning of production of the series “Foundation Osman ”, many were dissatisfied with the choice of Burak for this role. The abundance of displeased comments and comparison with Engin Altan Duzyatan, who previously played the role of Ertugrul, is still fresh in my memory. Nevertheless, as new series are shown, one cannot fail to note how Burak becomes more accustomed to his hero, who in the first series still looked unconvincing. Thanks to the work of the famous actor on the image created by him, the opinion of many viewers regarding him has changed for the better. If earlier fans of the project expressed a desire for Osman and Ertugrul to appear together on the screen, now, in their opinion, one formidable Osman is enough.

On Wednesday, February 5, the 9th episode will be released. . The slogan of the new episode was "When you water the earth with water, spill blood on it and mix it with dirt, you will get your homeland."

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