Serenay Sarikaya will star in a film about the Turkish singer Bergen
The actress continues to reap success with her musical Alice, which recently received another award, and already gives singing lessons to interpret what is known as 'The Woman of Pain'.

Serenay Sarikaya and Bergen Singer New Movie
While triumphing with her musical theater play Alice, for which she continues to receive awards and recognitions, Serenay Sarikaya will embark from June on the recording of her new film, about the life of singer Bergen. As it has been published on social networks, the popular Turkish actress would already be receiving singing lessons to address the role.

Bergen was a popular Turkish singer, born in 1958 and died at the age of 31. Nicknamed 'The woman of pain', her hard story was reflected in her songs with a grim sound that brought her to fame. At the age of 17, Belgin Sarılmışer (her real name) quit her job at a post office to fight for her dream of being a singer. When she was already on the stage, one day her husband threw nitric acid on her face, which caused her blindness in her right eye. All that made her stronger and she continued singing, covering the blind eye with her long mane.

Years later, when he was released from jail, the man went to look for his wife while she was on tour with her latest album Yıllar Affetmez and shot her up to six times causing death on August 14, 1989. Her songs were included in albums of arabesque music and nostalgic concept, where other great Turkish singers participated.

One of the most important projects for Serenay Sarikaya
For Serenay, this is one of the most important projects of her life. In an interview a few months ago she said: "I sleep with Bergen and get up with Bergen. It is the project of my dreams, a job that really matters to me in my career. That is why we do not want to do it in a hurry, but to carry it out correctly. With safer steps, we move towards each other. "

Production has been preparing for more than a year. She should have started recording at the beginning of 2019, but she was postponing, as it was published in her day, because the actress, who was selected as the protagonist from the beginning, did not finish convincing the script and wanted to make some changes. The story has been designed by Mine Şengöz and the script was written by Sema Kaygusuz and Yildiz Bayazit.

Although the protagonist of Medcezir has amply demonstrated her talent as a singer thanks to the musical Alice, which premiered its second season last September, Serenay has begun to prepare thoroughly with singing lessons to embody Bergen and give the best of herself In that job.

Keep triumphing with the musical Alice
Meanwhile, she continues to succeed with her work based on the story of Alice in Wonderland, by Lewis Carroll, who premiered his first season with great success last February. The work has won several awards, such as the Haldun Dormen in the prestigious Afife Tiyatro Ödülleri, who recognize the best of theater in Turkey during the year, and she herself has been recognized as Best Theater Actress in the Ayaklı Gazete, where she was also awarded Medcezir's partner Taner Ölmez for his work on the television series Mucize Doktor (The good doctor). They have just completed their 50 performances.

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