Serenay Sarikaya confirms her romance with actor Cem Yilmaz
The Turkish actress, protagonist of Medcezir, had repeatedly denied this romance, but after being photographed with Cem Yilmaz, 18 years older than she, in Athens, has confirmed it.

Many have been rumors in recent days about a possible new idyll of the popular Turkish actress Serenay Sarikaya. who broke up last year with her boyfriend Kerem Bürsin with whom she had four years of relationship. Although she had denied it on occasion, this past weekend she has been seen with fellow actor Cem Yilmaz, 46, in Athens. Finally, the protagonist of Medcezir has confirmed the rumors when asked at the airport back to her country: "What can I say about what has already been seen?"
We have different jobs, so we came separately, said about Cem, who arrived before she arrived at the airport

In addition, Serenay added that: "We have different jobs so we came separately." She did not want to talk more about her new relationship, but she said that she is very excited about the next project she is going to start recording, Bergen, about the history of the popular Turkish singer. Cem, who arrived before the actress at the airport, declined to answer any questions and avoided journalists.

When asked about the two photos, he ignored the journalist and said: "Who are you, brother?"

The rumors of this idyll have grown this weekend when photographs in which you could intuit the couple, circulated through social networks. First it was a snapshot where a girl was seen with a man on his back walking through the streets of Athens. The next day, another image, this time of the couple inside a room watching a night show, made the suspicion stronger.

Serenay had previously denied rumors of her relationship with Cem and had filed a complaint against those who spread it

Serenay had complained against those who published the news of their new relationship
Finally when asked at the airport, Sarikaya has not denied it; on the contrary, she has made it clear that it was true This relationship was on the lips of many for months, but the actress had been responsible for denying it and had even complained against those who had spread it, after being accused of being the reason for the breakup of Cem Yilmaz with her previous partner.

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