The young actress Seray Kaya, who played the role of Shirin in the TV series Woman, who made the finals this Tuesday (February 4), was seen last day at İstinyePark Shopping Center. Kaya received a very high praise from the viewers of this series for her performance.

A talented actress, who came shopping with her mother, went to Markalar street between shopping to have coffee at Butterfly Chocolate Café between shopping. Seray, who ran into reporters and posed for a photo with her mother, did not forget to chat with reporters.To their question, "Do you have a new project?" Seray Kaya replied: "In fact, new proposals for new projects come, and I read their scripts, but I'm not in a hurry, if there is a worthwhile project, I will agree, but if not, I may prefer to relax."
After a short conversation, Kaya thanked the reporters and continued her shopping with her mother from the store where they stayed.

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