New Love Demet Ozdemir

There were rumors that the famous actress Demet Ozdemir is dating the son of fashion designer Nedret Taciroglu Yaman.
Last year, the alleged relationship of the actress with her partner in the TV series "Early Bird" Can Yaman was actively discussed. The Takvim newspaper claims that Demet has a new lover, businessman Yaman Taciroglu. The couple is trying to hide their relationship, so they are not subscribed to each other on social networks. But mother and sister Yamana already subscribed to Instagram Demet. Fans of the actress took this as an endorsement of the relationship between Demet and Yaman. It is also reported that young people prefer to meet with friends so as not to advertise their romance.

New Love Demet Ozdemir

Who is Yaman Taciroglu?

He was born in 1988, the son of businessman Ali Zafer Taciroglu and fashion designer Nedret Taciroglu. Member of the Board of Directors of Taciroglu Company, which since 1962 has been producing dairy products and mainly cheese products under the PEYSAN brand.

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