Maids - a description of the characters in the series

Acquaintance with the heroes of the new Turkish series "Maids", which will soon be released on Kanal D

Ela Sonmez (Denise Baisal )
“I had a small and ordinary life. I didn’t even think that I would work as a maid in a rich family. Sometimes life does not give us a choice! I did my best to find answers to the questions I was looking for. These answers led me to new questions and unknown new .. ".

Atiye Kulaksyz (Alga Eke)
"I say:" Thank God "every day. I'm not ashamed of myself as a maid. And why am I ashamed? I'm not hungry, I have a place to live. Besides, I have a husband ... Like Dalyan. I don’t "only one thing is enough - a child. If I have a child, I swear there will not be and will not be something happier for me in this world!"

Hager Tuna (Selen Domac)
“I was a child until I came to Belkiz Sipahioglu’s house. My mother was the main maid in their house. She gave me a cloth and I started cleaning the dust ... After she gave me a bucket and I started to wash the floors ... I I entered through this door, leaving my childhood outside. At first I just did the cleaning, and then I became a maid. "

Chichek Tuna (Aleina Solaker)
"Nothing makes me different from you. I work at work that I don’t like, like most of you. You work at different sites, and I’m in the house. In fact, we are doing the same work. We are all whose "They are maids. There is love in my life. According to my mother, this cannot be, and it does not suit me. But even the drum does not play on equal equivalents. You try to tell my heart about it."

Yigit Atahanly (Seckin Ozdemir)
"They say that I am an egoist who thinks only of himself. In fact, they are not fair and not respectful people. Until today I lived and did everything as I wanted! I’m not one of those people who plan. Although, through what "I went through, it may seem like a big mistake for some, and I call it life. If the same thing happened to me today, I would survive it all again!"

Aras Atahanly (Yigit Kirazdzhi)
“I was never satisfied with anything in my life ... And when my father left my mother, I was unhappy. And even when he started a new family ... And then, when I heard that his new family had collapsed company .. It was a bit of a chronic state of dissatisfaction for me. But, in fact, I am not complaining. At least I am not shirking my duties, like my half brother Yigit! "

Nimet Atahanly (Aishenil Samlyoglu)
"I will always be inside this family and lead it. Someone must go out and make decisions for them, show them the right way. No one else can do this except me. But everything that I did wrong was right, I did this is to protect this family! If this is the result, then I gave them a reason to be happy. "

Demet Atahanly (Gamze Karaduman)
"Am I different? Let's just say that it’s not a different person, but a person who stands out from the crowd. But I assure you, my family is weirder than me. None of the family members are normal. My mother is obsessed with control. My brother is a model ... Although he’s one of the most irresponsible people in the world. I’m no different among them, but, in fact, I’m normal. They only say that about me because I don’t look like them, I don’t accept their rules. "

Gulseren Atahanli (Nilay Erdonmez)
"I grew up in a traditional family. When the time came, I entered into a wonderful marriage for both my family and myself. My husband is Yigit. He is handsome, educated and the son of a good family. I had no reason to not to fall in love with him. Besides, every woman falls in love with Yigita. My husband knows the female soul very well. Admires himself, falls in love with myself ... At first I didn’t understand ... I thought that he does all these gestures only for me. But I was wrong! "

Neslihan Gulkaya (Neslihan Arslan)
"You will never have a headache if you know your abilities in this life. I am like that, and I will continue to move on. Know it, make plans, the rest is easy, but the end is loneliness. All I can say about to myself, it's that I'm single! "

Asla Joshkun (Hazal Benley)
"I have my own blog called" Mother of Life ", well, you probably heard about it. Also, you know that it’s on YouTube ... Let me tell you from the very beginning. I’ve never wound up and didn’t wind up subscribers for money ... Also I don’t pay money for giving me likes. I have more than 1 million subscribers. They all say something: you use your child for this; you earn money on it ... I'm sorry, but can I "Do I only do this because my husband only earns money for house expenses?"

Belkiz Sipahioglu (Servet Pandur)
"Armagan is my precious. Having a stepson will not change it! For him, I want the best. Every mother wants this for her child. Am I not right? That's why I want to move Chicek away from him. Young people inexperienced. They think that everything will be as beautiful as their dreams. But this is not true! "

Yasar Tuna (Jansu Furyndzhi)
“Everyone knows me as a bad person, everyone fears me and fears. This creates an environment for me to do what I want. I don’t think about anyone, I don’t look at anyone’s tears. I would like them to They knew me like that. But they don’t know that they never loved me. If someone really loves me, if there is a smile on my face, then everything will be completely different! But you try to tell them about it ... "

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